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I think it's a terminology difference, and I may not have been clear on
which the OP was asking about.

The LERG, or Local Exchange Routing Guide, contains information that defines
LATAs, Rate Centers, localities, Numbering Plans, and exchange/LRN routing
data among other things.  I think it is a stretch to say that this does not
count as information pertinent to a "local calling database".

Local calling areas (which to me refers to what calls are classified as
local and are "free" vs. which are LD or more generally "toll" and are
charged usage for) are a billing concept usually based on "rating" calls
that can differ from carrier to carrier and plan to plan.  Telcordia talks
about this here
http://www.trainfo.com/products_services/tra/catalog_details.html and


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To help clarify, the LERG does not contain local routing information.
LCADS does which Telcordia sells but I've heard much better things about the
KFR data from people who have compared both. As a point of interest our
Qwest team pointed us to localcallingguide as the resource they wanted us to
use for local calling areas.

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> Obvious answer, but...
> The LERG:
> http://www.telcordia.com/products_services/trainfo/catalog_details.htm
> l
>   -Scott
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> Currently I'm using some Perl scripts tied to localcallingguide.com's 
> XML API to build a local calling database, and that seems to be 
> working great, but in the spirit of due diligence I'm looking for 
> feedback about other local calling databases out there, both free and
> On or off list replies appreciated.
> Corey
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