[VoiceOps] Rate Center Maps, Locations for NPANXXs

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Mon Sep 20 14:08:06 EDT 2010

In the past I've paid MelissaData.com $400 or so to get access to their
NPANXX-Ratecenter-Location-GIS data.  For each NPANXX, they list the
Ratecenter, City and state/region, Lat/Lon coordinates.  It's fairly
accurate, though I'm not entirely sure how they get the data.

TelcoData.com doesn't keep City/State or Lat/Long coordinates of the
NPANXX, only the switch that serves the block.  The problem is that, for
example in DC, Washington DC Zone 17 seems to be served from Beltsville,
MD, but 571-269-3 is a Virginia, likely Arlington, exchange.  So taking the
switch location as the lat/lon for the npanxx block is very incorrect.

Cloudvox's API is awesome (Thanks Cloudvox!), but outside of Country,
Region and Ratecenter, the city and location data from their API has been
somewhat wrong.  Examples:

     Ratecenter: WSNGTNZN17 VA
     City: WSNGTNZN08 (what?!?)
     Lat/Lon: 37.4315734, -78.6568942 (the center of Virginia, not even
     close to the DC area)

     Ratecenter: SNLUSOBSPO CA
     City: SANBARBARA (Not a valid city name)
     Lat/Lon: 36.778261, -119.4179324 (155 miles from San Luis Obispo, CA)

There are others, but I won't bore you.  To give them credit, they have a
"geo_precision" which I assume tells you how many significant digits you
can trust, but is not mentioned in the API docs
( http://help.cloudvox.com/faqs/digits/digits-phone-number-location-lookup-api )
Plus it is limited to US only (recently addressed here or on asterisk-biz,
may change).

LocalCallingGuide.com is a bit better at their lat/lon, but they don't
include City name, they only offer XML and not JSON or another parseable
format, and they don't list the ratecenter in the LERG 10 char format.


I'm expecting WSNGTNZN17, not "Washington Zone 17" as the Ratecenter.

Between the TelcoData.com, three, I can inconsistently and automatedly get
the data I need.  I'd like to start offering a map of numbers available,
but the map is only as good as the data behind it.

Is there another more accurate source that people use?

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