[VoiceOps] Ratecenter NWYRCYZN02 - Where did it go?

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Tue Sep 28 00:13:55 EDT 2010

I'm trying to find any NANPA newsletters or other documentation that proves
that NWYRCYZN02 (Midtown Manhattan best I can tell) was removed as a valid
ratecenter, what happened to it, and if it was merged with Zone 1 or Zone 3
or if the boundries were rewritten.

Two reasons I need this info:

     1. My own internal NANPA map seems to show it exists for three NPAs:
         212, 646, 917

        If it is gone, I need to update my data.

     2. My DID providers are still offering DIDs in this ratecenter.  If it
        doesn't exist, I want some evidence of it so I can go back to them and
        tell them what is correct.

A google search of NWYRCYZN02 with the restriction of "site:nanpa.com" also
checking: nationalpooling.com, nationalnanpa.com, nationalnanpa.us,
verizon.com, areacodedownload.com

If anyone has any further info, I'd appreciate it.

I made a map of NYC Zones with data I found elsewhere on the 'net.  Hope it
is useful to someone.


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