[VoiceOps] Ratecenter NWYRCYZN02 - Where did it go? [SOLVED]

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Tue Sep 28 00:21:45 EDT 2010

On Tue, 28 Sep 2010, Peter Beckman wrote:

> I'm trying to find any NANPA newsletters or other documentation that proves
> that NWYRCYZN02 (Midtown Manhattan best I can tell) was removed as a valid
> ratecenter, what happened to it, and if it was merged with Zone 1 or Zone 3
> or if the boundries were rewritten.

  'course I find SOME evidence of it AFTER I send this.  Though not with the
  actual ratecenter name.


      New York City (Manhattan) rate centre consolidation effective
      2009-08-15: all prefixes in New York City Zone 2, and all 212/646
      prefixes in New York City Zone 3, plus 917-507, 917-521, and 917-529
      will become part of New York City Zone 1. The remainder of New York
      City Zone 3 will include only Bronx and Marble Hill prefixes. Marble
      Hill is legally part of Manhattan, but for telephone purposes it is
      associated with the Bronx.

  This lead me to believe that they didn't mention the ratecenter by its
  standardized name, which lead me to:


  So there you have it.  Sorry for the hasty (though I really did search
  first!) posting.

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