[VoiceOps] Allworx Followme - no audio issue

Ujjval Karihaloo ujjval at simplesignal.com
Tue Jul 19 12:40:01 EDT 2011

Hi All:

   We have a customer with Allworx PBX that is setup for followme on an
extension that forwards to a call Phone. When the call gets forwarded, back
out the SIP Turnk intous, the allworx has answer confirmation which the
followme/cellphone hears fine, when the followme cell phone presses 1 to
accept the call, all audio is lost both ways.  Call stays up until
disconnected. The Allworx sends a REINVITE after the “1” is pressed…too

Anyone seen this behavior with ACME and Allworx and any remedies.

Ujjval Karihaloo
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