[VoiceOps] Helluva time with international

Darren Schreiber d at d-man.org
Thu Jul 28 22:38:32 EDT 2011

We have a client who does sales in international locations and is constantly calling random countries. They are very sensitive to call quality. Countries called are generally in Europe, specifically lots of calls to France, Germany, Italy.

We have been using a carrier whom gets 60%-70% ASR on each route and gave us three routes. The problem is that when calls fail on one route, sometimes there's a long delay before we get a failure code back. If we hangup quickly and move on to the next carrier, often the phone becomes "busy" because the first attempt was actually completing, just slowly. Sometimes we also get improper early media. So waiting for a response is hit/miss on speed, and not waiting for a response is hit/miss on call completion/quality.

We're only doing $500-1,000 in international right now per month.

I'm looking for a reliable carrier to move this traffic to. I was looking at PacWest for this. We're too low on $s to go direct to Global Crossing. I'm hyper-sensitive to running through extra media servers for no reason – I want the RTP stream to go direct to the final carrier if possible.

I wonder if anyone can make a recommendation on whom I can use? Or how I might get access to iBasis / Global Crossing routes directly in terms of RTP? I don't meet their minimums yet.

- Darren

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