[VoiceOps] Letting a phone ring forever?

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Tue Jul 26 15:06:54 EDT 2011

That's an interesting and useful suggestion.  This customer is a local 
service company so nearly all calls are local, not toll.  I've seen no 
evidence that he's using any sort of ring group with another carrier, as 
we hold all of his published numbers and nothing odd shows up in the logs.

Jasper van Beusekom wrote:
> Carlos Alvarez wrote, on 7/26/2011 3:32 PM:
>> and made us remove the one we had implemented before (answer, tell the
>> caller to please hold, then ring all his phones again).
> I suppose you could answer just to play your own ring tone, without the
> prompt, but that is misleading to the caller who is starting to pay.
> The only theory I can think of is if he has you as part of a ring group
> at some other provider. If you handle the call, that will impact the
> other members of the parent ring group.
> Jasper

Carlos Alvarez

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