[VoiceOps] Broadworks hunt group CNAME manipulation

Nelson Hicks nelsonh at socket.net
Fri Jun 3 12:39:19 EDT 2011


We have a few hunt groups built out in BroadWorks and have noticed that 
the hunt group name is prepended to the caller name when an inbound call 
to the hunt group is sent to one of its members.  This could be a very 
useful feature, but our current hunt group customers don't want this and 
the only setting I've found for it in Broadworks disables it globally.

I've looked for options to rewrite the caller name part of the display 
field, either on our SBC or the TA900 CPE, but neither seems to support 
stripping off the first part of the display name and leaving the rest.

Has anyone else already dealt with this?  If so, what solution did you 
end up with?

Nelson Hicks
DNS and Web Administrator
(573) 817-0000
dns at socket.net
1-800-SOCKET-3  www.socket.net

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