[VoiceOps] Polycom ghost ringing

Brad Anouar Brad at broadcore.com
Fri Jun 3 15:00:00 EDT 2011

We've had the same problem with FW version 3.3.1. We've noticed that it only happens when the call is terminated through a hunt group. There was some sort of a reINVITE that triggered a weird ring back tone in the middle of the call. Polycom support has acknowledged the issue and suggested to downgrade to 3.2.4, but as you probably know, the structure of the configuration files is different in the pre 3.3.x FW. The next FW version is scheduled to be released in July. We are still trying to come up with a work around.

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Back in January there were a couple of posts related to "ghost ringing" on Polycom phones. At the time the workaround seemed to be to downgrade to v3.3.0 (we're on 3.3.1). Looking at the release notes on 3.3.1 it looks like the .0 release was pretty buggy and therefore we'd rather not downgrade to it. Polycom has not acknowledged (to us) that they even know about the problem. Does anyone know if any headway has been made in actually fixing the issue?
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