[VoiceOps] Polycom ghost ringing

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@Christian, no, I mean that while the user is on the phone they hear the far
end party mixed with ringback tone in their ear.

@Brad, we have not correlated it with hunt groups or even on incoming calls.
We've only been able to capture it a couple of times and the times we have
seen it, it has coincided with a slew of spanning tree activity on the LAN.
Could be coincidence, but I am thinking there is an indirect correlation.
Clearly the spanning tree is not SIP (and we are not seeing a 180 Ringing or
other message that might confuse the phone) and is not inband ringback in
RTP, but I am thinking it might be causing the phone to to wig out, though
this is pure speculation. We also have the same concerns about file

On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Brad Anouar <Brad at broadcore.com> wrote:

>  We’ve had the same problem with FW version 3.3.1. We’ve noticed that it
> only happens when the call is terminated through a hunt group. There was
> some sort of a reINVITE that triggered a weird ring back tone in the middle
> of the call. Polycom support has acknowledged the issue and suggested to
> downgrade to 3.2.4, but as you probably know, the structure of the
> configuration files is different in the pre 3.3.x FW. The next FW version is
> scheduled to be released in July. We are still trying to come up with a work
> around.
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> Back in January there were a couple of posts related to "ghost ringing" on
> Polycom phones. At the time the workaround seemed to be to downgrade to
> v3.3.0 (we're on 3.3.1). Looking at the release notes on 3.3.1 it looks like
> the .0 release was pretty buggy and therefore we'd rather not downgrade to
> it. Polycom has not acknowledged (to us) that they even know about the
> problem. Does anyone know if any headway has been made in actually fixing
> the issue?
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