[VoiceOps] SIP calls that aren't torn down

Kristian Kielhofner kristian.kielhofner at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 17:02:12 EDT 2011

I'm sure Alex is going to chime in here eventually but standard SIP
Session Timers (RFC 4028) only require support from one endpoint and
can use either re-INVITEs or UPDATE.

The answer to his question is most likely yes ;).

On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 4:55 PM, anorexicpoodle <anorexicpoodle at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nope probably not.
> Im not familliar with Broadsofts method, but Metaswitch does something
> similar, and instead of using session timers, uses regular re-invites to
> detect if all involved endpoints are still alive.
> We found this a little heavy handed with their stock timers, so we fiddled
> with it until we were happy.
> I suspect the rationale here is that using RFC 4028 depends on both far ends
> supporting that RFC, and implementing it properly, which takes the control
> out of the softswitch's hands. Using a re-invite as a polling mechanism
> guarantees the polling works with even older (or cheaper) SIP endpoints that
> dont support session timers.

Kristian Kielhofner

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