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It depends on the ILEC you are dealing with. I've gotten AT&T Ameritech to
only require me to trunk to the tandems that my client has NXXs in, but if
you go to AT&T PacBell, they will require you to trunk to all the tandems
regardless of whether or not you have NXXs there. AT&T BellSouth operates
totally different than the other two and will allow you to install a
multi-tandem supergroup that will pick up traffic from all their tandems in
the LATA regardless of whether you have NXXs in another tandem or not. Some
areas of CenturyLink still require you to pay to trunk to every CO.....so
they are just all different! 

The cost of trunking also varies. Most AT&T PacBell and Verizon ICAs now say
that each party pays for what's on their side of the POI. So if you have DS1
collo, you would only have to pay for transport between your collo and your
switch but nothing for the trunks. If you had DS3 collo and ordered a 3/1
MUX to terminate your trunks on, then you would have to pay for the MUX but
the LEC would cover the costs of the LIS trunks beyond that. 

The reason some LECs like SBC, PacBell, and Nevada Bell areas require you to
trunk to all the tandems is because they are very much into wanting to
provide diversity so that if one trunk group goes down the whole LATA isn't
effected. So even though all your terminating traffic will come in on your
LRN tandem, they want to keep all your originating traffic dispersed to the
appropriate tandem. They also do this because it costs more for them to have
to pass traffic back and forth between tandems than it does if it goes
through the correct tandem.

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I would not think you would need trunks to all the tandems in the lata for
TERMINATIONS though, just ORIGINATIONS as Mary Lou had said?

For example I can port a number from Level 3 even though I am not on every
tandem in the LATA now.

Is this correct Mary Lou? So if I added 4 new LATAs and I just wanted to
do terminations, I would just have to establish a new LRN in each LATA as
well as trunking to the tandem my LRN is homed on?


On Wed, June 15, 2011 5:59 pm, Carlos Alcantar wrote:
> Mary Lou,
> At least here in CA att makes you trunk to all the tandems in the lata.
> At least with min trunks and you build your bulk of your trunks where your
> LRN is going to sit at.
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> On 6/15/11 10:55 AM, "Mary Lou Carey" <marylou at backuptelecom.com> wrote:
>>To terminate traffic you only need to have trunking to the LRN tandem in
>>that LATA, but to originate traffic you need to have trunking established
>>the tandem that the rate center of the NXX homes on. Once we have all
>> your
>>Chicago trunks installed, you will be able to port any number in the LATA
>>yourself. Make sense?
>>Mary Lou Carey
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>>In order to port a number, what trunking requirements do we have? Is it
>>that we have to have trunking to the same tandem as the npa-nxx holder?
>>IE. If I wanted to port 100-100-1000 And the 100-100-1 thousands block is
>>held by company A, and then 100-100 npanxx/ten k block is held by Company
>>B and is homed on Tandem C, then I just need to have trunking into Tandem
>>C and have an ICA with whomever controls Tandem C, which could be company
>>A,B or some third company C correct?
>>The same would apply in order to get our own thousands block as well
>>-Eric Hiller
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