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Dr Adam Beaumont adam.beaumont at uk.aql.com
Wed Mar 16 05:40:08 EDT 2011

Hi Adam,

I'm sure we can help.   Generally you can use SMPP rather than SS7/Sigtran
if it's just messaging.

Drop me a line to discuss off list and either aql can do it or we can
point you in the direction of a 'local' provider...

On 15/03/2011 20:45, "Adam E Barratt (Sales Engineering)"
<abarratt at socket.net> wrote:

>This is a little off-subject, but thought that because of the underlying
>SS7 it would qualify.  :-D
>Wondering if anyone out there is purchasing SMS access from a
>"clearinghouse" such as Sybase or Syniverse/Verisign?  Any
>recommendations?  We're looking to develop a paging service for schools,
>governments, etc.  We'd like it to be a Full Long-Code (10 Digit) from
>our existing number resources... may also have interest in Short-Code
>(5-6 Digit) SMS for commercial use.
>Another option would be leasing the services from say Sprint or Verizon
>as an MVNO -- but don't know if we're ready to go down the road of being
>a cellular reseller (yet).
>The Email Gateway is an option, albeit a messy one, as you have to keep
>track of who's network the end-user's cellphone is on, which could
>probably be done via an LNP DIP, but we'd rather interface directly to
>the SMS network.  Two way would be pretty bad using this as well.
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