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Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
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Look into Clickatell first -- they might be able to do it for less than what
you would have architect.


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This is a little off-subject, but thought that because of the underlying 
SS7 it would qualify.  :-D

Wondering if anyone out there is purchasing SMS access from a 
"clearinghouse" such as Sybase or Syniverse/Verisign?  Any 
recommendations?  We're looking to develop a paging service for schools, 
governments, etc.  We'd like it to be a Full Long-Code (10 Digit) from 
our existing number resources... may also have interest in Short-Code 
(5-6 Digit) SMS for commercial use.

Another option would be leasing the services from say Sprint or Verizon 
as an MVNO -- but don't know if we're ready to go down the road of being 
a cellular reseller (yet).

The Email Gateway is an option, albeit a messy one, as you have to keep 
track of who's network the end-user's cellphone is on, which could 
probably be done via an LNP DIP, but we'd rather interface directly to 
the SMS network.  Two way would be pretty bad using this as well.

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