[VoiceOps] Verizon and E.164

Spencer l_mysterioso at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 17:16:58 EDT 2011

What type of product are you using for SS7 to/from SIP translation? There is a 
good chance that your SS7 to SIP translation device may have the ability to 
manipulate ANI and DNIS as required. In the application we use on our net the 
M3UA server manages E.164 vs 10 Digit National decisions quite well.

Also, do you plan to use this SS7 route for any international termination? If 
not, it might be as simple as limiting all calls over that trunk group to 10 
digit ANI/DNIS outbound then prefix a (+)1 on the inbound.


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> Many carriers request that you send sip messaging using E.164 
> compliant #'s.  We have a TDM/SS7 peering to Verizon and we tried 
> sending calls to them with the "Calling" # in E.164 format.
> Unfortunately they see the call as International because there is a 1 
> prepending the 10 digit #.  This makes no sense to me as international 
> starts as 011.  Has anyone had this issue with Verizon or any other 
> carrier?

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