[VoiceOps] Verizon and E.164

Chet Curry CCurry at telovations.com
Thu Mar 17 11:28:59 EDT 2011

Thanks Paul and Scott.  I am not a SS7 guru by no means and the NOA may help.  I need to do a trace to see what I am sending to verizon to insure I am sending NOA of national.

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Does anyone have experience with VoIP Innovations (www.voipinnovations.com)?



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From: Paul Timmins <paul at timmins.net>
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These are SS7 as he said earlier.

The compliant way in all cases would be to send the number without an
international outdial prefix and set the Nature of Address Indicator to
indicate if it's a national number, so:

01144207499000 would become

NAI: International Number: 44207499000

2485551212 would become
NAI: National Number: 2485551212

many switches will accept 011 if you set NAI as unknown, at least in the
US. Otherwise they assume unknown is in-country.

That's also the same in PRI, as it has a nature of address indicator,
and some of my customers actually use it as intended, shock horror. The
amount of random trash flowing over the D channel of most of my
customers, however, belies the idea that most PRI CPE are sophisticated
enough to use NAI properly.


On 03/16/2011 04:21 PM, Scott Berkman wrote:
> In E-164 format, 011 is not normally used on carrier trunks, at least
> in my experience.  National calls should be something like
> +1NPANXXXXXX.  An international call would never begin with +1 unless
> you start getting into the NANPA "International" destinations such as
> Canada and the Caribbean that share the 1 CC.  For example, if I send
> an international call to another major SIP trunking vendor, the URI
> would be +442074999000 (this is the US Embassy in London).
> I have never personally worked with Verizon's SIP trunks, but I would
> expect them to have a reasonably sophisticated rating engine that
> knows all of those details.  They should also have an interop or
> testing process and supporting documentation that goes over these
> different call flows and what they expect to see from you for each.
>                 -Scott
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> *Subject:* [VoiceOps] Verizon and E.164
> Many carriers request that you send sip messaging using E.164
> compliant #'s.  We have a TDM/SS7 peering to Verizon and we tried
> sending calls to them with the "Calling" # in E.164 format.
> Unfortunately they see the call as International because there is a 1
> prepending the 10 digit #.  This makes no sense to me as international
> starts as 011.   Has anyone had this issue with Verizon or any other
> carrier?
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