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As far as getting the information you want, it really depends on whether you are trying to figure this out prior to someone making a call, while the call is being set up or after the call was delivered. You can do a dip if you are setting up the call, but if you want to get it before hand you would need to look it up in the NPAC database, which you would have if you chose to sign up for the NPAC LTI service. 


If you have already received the call and are just trying to determine whether it came from a local or wireless carrier, then you can look at the JIP aka LRN that is associated with the TN. There can only be one LRN company per NPA-NXX so the routing for the LRN will always match what the routing is for the NPA-NXX-X that the LRN is created from. For example, if my LRN is 205-234-5000, I could look up 205-234-5 in the LERG or TelcoData or Local Calling Guide to find out the OCN and company name for that provider. 



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The only way to know for sure is real time LNP dips. What was a landline an hour ago could become a cell phone in a matter of seconds.

The LNP dips will still need a database to look up the returned LRN in, which is where telcordia's databases (or mine, (shameless plug) http://www.telcodata.us/) come in.

You can use telcordia's or mine to do some basic pre-scrubbing of numbers for basic validity, exclude known wireless ranges (which COULD be landlines, as you can port wireless numbers to wired as well! I don't know your application but I thought I'd mention that) etc.


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Hi Alex,


Thanks for your reply. Obviously my initial post lacked clarity, so let me try to fix that. 


The client is looking for a way to determine whether a phone number is mobile or landline. What is best way to determine that? 


Are Telcordia DBs the only game in town or are there easier, cheaper, better solutions? Is the method different for Canadian and US numbers? 


Thanks again for your reply and sorry about the lack of clarity in the initial post. 


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LNP dips work the same way for fixed and wireless.


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Does anyone have any experience doing mobile vs. landline lookups for US and Canada? What would be the best way to do this? 


A client has asked us whether this can be done and to be frank, I am not sure how we would go about it with LNP implemented in both countries. So we are looking for some pointers… Any help is appreciated. 


Thanks in advance,



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