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If you get the LERG, that info is in LERG1.DAT.  No telling how current/useful it is, YMMV, FYI, FWIW, ETC...

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The best way to get it resolved would be to call the Sprint Carrier Translations group if you are having problems with all your customers in a specific DID range calling a specific number Sprint number. If the number is new, chances are that you're having problems because they haven't added your NXX to their routing tables. If no one on the list has the number, the easiest way to locate them it to look up the OCN associated with the Sprint TN on localcallingguide.com and then call that person to get their Carrier Translations contact.

If you have to resort to filing a consumer complaint, have someone you know with a Sprint phone make a test call to your customer's number and note what happens. Then call the Sprint service Center with that person on the line and as soon as they give Sprint permission to handle the routing problem for you, you can have them drop off. Sprint will need to know the following information to put in a trouble ticket.

Calling Party
Called Party
Error message or response (fast busy, customer not in service, etc)

You can also put in a trouble ticket with your SS7 provider so they can do a trace on the call and see where it is dropping. That will indicate which carrier the call is failing with. If it's a Spring routing problem then most likely not only will your customers have problems calling them......their customers will have problems calling your DID numbers.

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Hey Guys. Thanks for all the contacts. Unfortunately I didn't get any home runs with any of them. My route to getting it fixed (or atleast on its way as of 4:58 EST today) was calling as a customer (Sales guy in the office has a sprint wireless phone). After about 45 minutes of getting past around, I finally got to a supervisor that understood what I was talking about. So they say it should be fixed in 72 hours. Fingers crossed.
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Sorry, I can't help with contacts, but we've run into this a number of times.  Is the message something like "The subscriber does not allow you to call this number?"  We had success referring the issue back to the customers and telling them to have the Sprint customer call in for support.

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 1:34 PM, Nick Olsen <nick at flhsi.com<mailto:nick at flhsi.com>> wrote:
Anyone have any contacts in the Wireless side of the Sprint house?
I've got DID's that aren't reachable from local sprint wireless service. And Sprint customer service wont speak to me since I'm not a customer...
Nick Olsen
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