[VoiceOps] Asterisk unable to allocate a port for RTP instance

Joseph Jackson recourse at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 02:02:29 EDT 2011

Hi list!

On the first we upgraded one of our Asterisk boxes from 1.4 to
 everything ran OK until tonight we started getting the following
messages on the asterisk console and in the log file.

[Sep 15 18:05:21] ERROR[14306] res_rtp_asterisk.c: Oh dear... we
couldn't allocate a port for RTP instance '0xb138$
[Sep 15 18:05:21] ERROR[14306] chan_sip.c: Got SDP but have no RTP
session allocated.

Looked at the active number of channels using core show channels and
no channels were reported as being in use/active.

had to restart the asterisk service to restore access.  No other
messages in the log to indicate what could be the issue.  Anyone else
ever see that happen?



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