[VoiceOps] Capturing SIP signaling for troubleshooting

Jeff Anderson ciscoplumber at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 18:31:10 EDT 2011


I was wondering what people are using to view SIP call signaling for
troubleshooting purposes. We are using an Acme Net-Net 3800. Currently we
SPAN all sip signaling to a wireshark server that captures the signaling and
generates a new file every 25 MB. This method gets the job done but I was
wondering if there are any tools that are more robust and less time
consuming to search. Does anything exist that may allow signaling to be sent
to a server that maintains a database that you can query and could possibly
even display a call ladder?

We haven't installed our EMS software for the Acme, does anyone know if this
software offers anything similar to what I am describing?

Any help is appreciated.


Jeff Anderson
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