[VoiceOps] Capturing SIP signaling for troubleshooting

omura at nextgen.co.jp omura at nextgen.co.jp
Tue Sep 27 00:04:26 EDT 2011

We have our commercial product "NX-C6000" that does the thing.
It has a simple web query page where the query key can be modified,
so you can choose which header field to query. It also has ability to display 
call ladder, message statistics, detect SIP anomaly messages that doesn't follow 
the RFC.

Tomokazu Omura
NextGen Inc.

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 17:31:10 -0500
From: Jeff Anderson <ciscoplumber at gmail.com>
To: voiceops at voiceops.org
Subject: [VoiceOps] Capturing SIP signaling for troubleshooting

> Hello,
> I was wondering what people are using to view SIP call signaling for
> troubleshooting purposes. We are using an Acme Net-Net 3800. Currently we
> SPAN all sip signaling to a wireshark server that captures the signaling and
> generates a new file every 25 MB. This method gets the job done but I was
> wondering if there are any tools that are more robust and less time
> consuming to search. Does anything exist that may allow signaling to be sent
> to a server that maintains a database that you can query and could possibly
> even display a call ladder?
> We haven't installed our EMS software for the Acme, does anyone know if this
> software offers anything similar to what I am describing?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Anderson

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