[VoiceOps] Weird Adtran TA-900 problem

Matthew S. Crocker matthew at corp.crocker.com
Tue Sep 27 14:45:25 EDT 2011


 I have a weird problem with one TA-900 on my switch.   Other TA-900s are working fine.

 Inbound calls to the TA from Broadworks fail with a SIP timeout.   The INVITE is hitting the TA but it isn't responding with a 100 Trying.

 If I force the TA to re-register the FXS ports inbound calls start working for a short period of time (couple minutes)
 If a FXS user makes an outbound call it works and inbound calls work for a short period of time.

 I have packet captures from the adtran (debug ip packet <filter> dump) showing the INVITE coming in from Broadworks (Acme SD actually)

 When I enable SIP debugging on the TA I don't see anything in the terminal for the INVITE,  like the TA isn't treating the traffic as local
 When phones are working (after outbound call) I see debug traffic like I would expect.

 This screams of a NAT issue but the TA is directly connected with a T1 and a real IP (no NAT).  The registration in the acme shows no NAT and the registration expire timer is 3600 seconds.

 The Adtran is configured for NAT for its internal eth0/0 port and I have one linksys phone connected internally.  The linksys phone appears as behind NAT in the acme with a 30 second registration timer.  The linksys phone works fine through the whole process.

 Anyone see any issues like this before?

Firmware Version	A4.08.00.E

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