[VoiceOps] Mitel 3300 - NAT - Media Issue

Jason Nesheim jnesheim at telepacific.com
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We've encountered this type of NAT issue with multiple PBX systems.  The most reliable solution we've found for the array of PBX level problems  is to put a small SBC at the site to handle NAT/media traversal and any header rewrites needed.  A Cisco ISR router running CUBE or an Acme Packet SBC work fine, and I'm sure there are others out there that could be used as well.

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Working with someone on SIP trunks for a Mitel 3300. The Mitel is sitting behind a NAT on a Cisco 3700 (i.e. no fixup/ALG) and inbound media is failing because the phones private IPs are being targeted directly in the SDP. Even if I force all media back to the NAT address it still fails because there is no translation for the phones.

Anyone know if there is a way to force the Mitel to proxy the media or have any insight into getting around this shy of putting a proxy at the customer site(which is what we should probably do anyway)?


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