[VoiceOps] CSR Request?

David Wessell david at ringfree.biz
Tue Dec 11 13:16:18 EST 2012

Hi All,

A question for you that I've never been able to get an answer too.

We are a small hosted VOIP shop. And we port numbers through various aggregators (example vitelity)

When we are porting phone numbers I am occasionally asked for a CSR by the gaining carrier (Or the aggregator that we are using). Sometimes they are able to get the CSR and sometimes they are not.

However, when I call the losing carrier they always state that they don't give out CSR's. And that the winning carrier needs to request the CSR.

One of the two parties is giving bad information , and I can't ever tell which one. Are there rules that govern the CSR requests? If there a way that we can ever do a CSR request without going through the consumer channels?


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