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> 4.  If all else fails, find the number for billing questions on the
> customer's bill and ask the client to be on the call with you so you can
> request the CSR be sent. They can refuse to send it to you, but they can't
> refuse to send it to their customer so worst case scenario your customer
> will have to order it and you'll have to pick up the information from them.

We regularly have losing carriers tell our customer that they won't provide
CSRs to the customer.  Working on just such a situation right now.  The
company is Cablevision in NY.  It seems like the cable companies are the
worst ones to deal with, Cox is awful too.  Maybe they think they are

Here's the actual transcript of the customer service person talking to the

Deshun T.: Hi, my name is Deshun T.. How may I help you?
Eric Bonharme: I wish to port some of my phone numbers to another carrier.
Can you please provide me with a CSR?
Deshun T.: If you want to move your phone number to another provider you
contact them and set it up with them and they contact us for you .
Eric Bonharme: No, that's not what I've been told. This is what my new
provider has sent me the following message:
Eric Bonharme: Since we are porting in six numbers, we'll need the existing
CSR information for those numbers. If you would call your existing carrier
and tell them you need CSR to provide to your new carrier for number
porting, they will understand that
Deshun T.: Iwill double check for you now
Deshun T.: There is a process that the other provider puts you the person
claiming to own the phone numbers and if that is correct they submit the
move. That's with any carrier any where.
Deshun T.: If the other provider wants your phone numbers they do all the
work contacting us, once you verify your becoming their customer, for all
your lines.
Deshun T.: Is there anything else that I can assist you with today, Eric?
Eric Bonharme: Can you send me a transcript of this chat?
Deshun T.: Sorry I can't but it is documented on your account for the

Carlos Alvarez
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