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If you have access into some of the bigger carriers provisioning systems
sometimes you can pull the CSRs directly from that, but otherwise the only
way to get a CSR is to request it from the losing carrier. (The losing
carrier has to have a CSR so they know what to bill the end user customer
for.) If they don't send you a CSR, it's most likely because the information
you gave them is bad or you didn't provide the correct LOAs.


Here's a few tips on how to make sure you have the right information and


1. Ask the customer for a copy of their bill as sometimes the LEC will
include the customer service record at the end of the customer's bill. If
it's not there, then at the very least you can verify BAN (billing account
number) and billing name.  


2. The losing carrier does not have to provide you with a CSR if the billing
name on the LOA doesn't match the billing name on the BAN so make sure the
customer provides you with the correct billing name AND address as well as a
letter of authorization to act on THEIR behalf. The carrier requesting the
number port needs to have an LOA from the customer giving them
authorization. When there is more than one carrier involved, the carrier
with the end user contract needs to get an LOA from the end user so they can
move the number to their network AND the carrier porting the number needs an
LOA from the carrier with the contract so they can act on their behalf.   


3. Note that sometimes the WTN (working telephone number) that you are
trying to port is associated with a block of numbers. In this case, the WTN
is associated with a BTN (billing telephone number) and many times the CSR
may only be built for the BTN even though the BTN includes the WTN
information! So when you review the customer's bill to verify the
information, look to see if the phone number you want to port is associated
with a BTN. 


4.  If all else fails, find the number for billing questions on the
customer's bill and ask the client to be on the call with you so you can
request the CSR be sent. They can refuse to send it to you, but they can't
refuse to send it to their customer so worst case scenario your customer
will have to order it and you'll have to pick up the information from them. 



Mary Lou Carey

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Wouldn't the winning CLEC representing the reseller have to send the LOA
with the a CSR request?  I have numerous run ins with TW Telecom where I was
attempting to port a customer number that was with a reseller and they
sometimes ignored the LOA since it didn't match the customer on record.
Thus I thought the point of the CSR is to determine the customer on record
before submitting an LSR request.



Erik Flournoy



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On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 8:53 AM, Mary Lou Carey <marylou at backuptelecom.com>

You need to send a letter of authorization signed by the customer along with
the request for the CSR to the losing carrier. The losing carrier has a
right to request an LOA before they release any information, but when you
provide the LOA they are obligated to send it to you because you are acting
on the customer's behalf.

Mary Lou Carey
BackUP Telecom Consulting
marylou at backuptelecom.com
Office: 615-791-9969 x 2001

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Hi All,

A question for you that I've never been able to get an answer too.

We are a small hosted VOIP shop. And we port numbers through various
aggregators (example vitelity)

When we are porting phone numbers I am occasionally asked for a CSR by the
gaining carrier (Or the aggregator that we are using). Sometimes they are
able to get the CSR and sometimes they are not.

However, when I call the losing carrier they always state that they don't
give out CSR's. And that the winning carrier needs to request the CSR.

One of the two parties is giving bad information , and I can't ever tell
which one. Are there rules that govern the CSR requests? If there a way that
we can ever do a CSR request without going through the consumer channels?


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