[VoiceOps] Experiences with VoIP and 100+ seat sites

Sean Grossman sean.grossman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 12:37:44 EST 2012

I second most everything that Tim and Carlos have said. The PBX side is
rarely what turns a large site deployment sour - it usually comes down the
LAN/WAN and project management.

To that end, I'd add that a survey of the physical LAN should be conducted
to find any dumb switches lying under desks or areas that are not yet
occupied that could be hastily connected to the LAN in a suboptimal fashion.

Another issue that could pop up (if the phones' TFTP server is not on the
LAN) is bandwidth saturation on your upstream link when upgrading
firmware.  TFTP does not handle missing/out of order packets well and
phones can enter a continuous download/reboot loop. Avoid the temptation to
turn up the entire VoIP VLAN at once, as 100 simultaneous firmware
downloads will crush a low (<= 3Mb) link.

Please excuse any typos, spelling errors etc - mobile.

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