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> Hi all,
> Well, wonderful responses, thanks. I love this list.

> Unfortunately it appears I've not asked the right question for what I
> really wanted to know. If ya'all are willing to entertain me on
> this, I'd love some assistance.

> We are working with a firm who is trying to move many high-volume
> (think lawyers offices, doctors offices, etc.) 100+ seat offices
> from KEY systems (BLFs, Line keys, All-set paging, Intercom,
> one-touch transfer, the works) to VoIP. We are trying to advise them
> on how to sell into their market the most effectively, but we are
> running into issues where the clients expect the new system to act
> like the old system. This ranges from quality to feature set. I'm
> trying to figure out how others have handled this.
These are all just features from your SIP feature server. Our Broadworks system can provide all of the features mentioned above, or a decent work around that we can train the customer. Typically on deployment we get some push back because it is different. A quick training session with the end user and the problems go away. 'You used to press transfer, extension, transfer. Now you press transfer, extension and hang up' kinda stuff. 

> Specifically, how did you monitor and ensure quality on untested /
> new VoIP circuits that hadn't been used for VoIP previously?
> What features did you just say "no, sorry, can't do via VoIP in
> exactly the same way"? Any?
I have yet to find a feature in a 10 year old PBX/Key system that we can't replicate or replace. 

Simple fact, if they are replacing their key system with a PBX they will have to adjust to some feature changes. HostedPBX systems provide the same features as premise based PBX system. 

We keep all of our big 100+ seat customers 'OnNet' and manage the QoS through the entire process. Separate bandwidth, firewalls,VLANs for VoIP. 

> What phones did you sell them that they liked/disliked?
Polycom 335,550,650 are our primary phones 
The new Polycom VVX500 is awesome. 

Linksys/Cisco SPA come in a close second. 

Lawyers & Doctors want to feel important, give them a high quality phone. Make sure the doctor/partner has a better phone than the receptionist and life is good. The biggest mistake I made was giving a CEO a Polycom 335 and his secretary a 650. She needed the 650, he didn't. I quickly replaced his 335 with a 650 and 'Everything works great now!' 

> Etc.

> Most of the replies I got to my other email were related to "we moved
> someone from Cisco UC to VoIP with no issue" which made me realize
> I'm asking the question incorrectly.

> Thanks again,
> Darren

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