[VoiceOps] Rephrased Question: 100+ seat MIGRATIONS to VoIP

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Wed Feb 1 12:47:32 EST 2012

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 10:37 AM, Darren Schreiber <d at d-man.org> wrote:

> Specifically, how did you monitor and ensure quality on untested / new
> VoIP circuits that hadn't been used for VoIP previously?

So you're going to deploy on an uncontrolled, wild internet connection and
want to know how to test it?

> What features did you just say "no, sorry, can't do via VoIP in exactly
> the same way"? Any?

"Via VoIP" is not valid.  You can't have some key system features on a PBX
of any kind is how it should be stated.  You are getting PBX features such
as "x" but you lose key system features such as "y" in exchange.  But in
many cases you can replicate key system features.

I explain to customers that they are moving from a small-business product
called a key system to an enterprise product called a PBX.  Give them a few
reasons why that's good, and just explain that if there are missing
features we will find a way to either code them or teach them work-arounds
(the code them part is why I use Asterisk).

> What phones did you sell them that they liked/disliked?

Cisco SPA series are universally well received.  I haven't run into phones
they didn't like, but we excluded a lot of the junky phones ourselves in

> Etc.

No reason to treat it like VoIP versus everything else on the user side.
 It's just a new high-end PBX.

On the data side, you may want to re-think the "use whatever is there"
philosophy for 100+ deployments.

Carlos Alvarez
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