[VoiceOps] PSTN Forwarding - Broadsoft and Adtran

Robert Dawson RDawson at alliedtelecom.net
Fri Feb 3 00:32:16 EST 2012

Thanks, I had already tracked it down to the NS.

I got this to work by adding a diversion header, concerned that the trunk group identity is not working – any other ideas?

Thanks again,

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Use these commands and you'll be able to locate why the 404. You may have a config based issue as well
These will help isolate if it's on Broadsodt (Missbuilt,DeviceTypeIssue,Registration,etc)

Adtran CLI
#Debug isdn-L2 formatted (tab this out to make sure) this will contain a cause code

#debug sip stack messages (why and where the 404)

#debug voice verbose

I have a bunch more so let me know


Zak Rupas

On Feb 2, 2012, at 6:29 PM, Robert Dawson <RDawson at alliedtelecom.net<mailto:RDawson at alliedtelecom.net>> wrote:
I have this all configured – trunk group identity defined in BS, configured on the Adtran, I can see the tgrp and trunk-context info in the invite – call is being rejected with a 404 by the NS. Output from vtri shows that the call fails at OrigRedirect due to line/port not found.

Thoughts and input greatly appreciated.

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