[VoiceOps] Terminating 800 traffic with Caller ID of an 800 #

Geoffrey Mina gmina at connectfirst.com
Wed Feb 15 18:36:40 EST 2012

We recently started experiencing the same issue.  Many of our customers are
businesses and like to pass their TF number as their CID.  Recently a lot of
their calls have been going to permanent 183 ringing states with early media
intercept messages.  We have contacted our upstream carriers and they are
giving us the same story.  The first complaints really began popping up
about 2 weeks ago.




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Hi folks,

                We have a customer who is insisting on setting their
outbound Caller ID to an 800 #. They are complaining that they can't call
other 800 #s. Our testing reveals that many carriers are refusing to route
the call when the Caller ID is set as an 800 #.


                In addition, if we try setting the ANI as one number via the
From: header and then add a remote party ID header as Caller ID, it seems
that most carriers use the From: and deliver that as the Caller ID to the
alternate/receiving 800 #.


                Any thoughts on this? I am aware that it's up to the
receiving 800 # to decide what NPAs to allow through and that what they're
proposing complicates billing, so I suspect I just need to tell the client
to deal, but they are insisting that this used to work on their PRI. My
theory is that it did not work on their PRI but nobody ever noticed before.


- Darren


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