[VoiceOps] Terminating 800 traffic with Caller ID of an 800 #

Justin B Newman justin at ejtown.org
Thu Feb 16 19:41:06 EST 2012

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 5:31 PM, Scott Berkman <scott at sberkman.net> wrote:
> So is there anything other than industry best practice on this?
> Something official maybe from a LEC or IXC at least, FCC or NANPA would be
> even better.  I’ve had this argument with customers again and again, and I
> can tell them what may happen, but I’ve never had any document from someone
> they’d believe to back it up.

In my view, if an intermediate carrier is refusing to route the call,
they are in clear and direct violation of the FCC's recent orders. In
October, the FCC made it quite clear that incorrect, incomplete, or
otherwise untraceable billing information is not a basis for call

If the call is IP originated, the use of a toll-free number provides
no greater nor less information about the jurisdiction of the call
than a jurisdictional number. If it's PSTN, then I think asserting it
is questionable, because you are deliberately not including
juridictional information. (Of course, if you're able to assert
jurisdictional information as the ANI, and the 8xx as the Caller-ID,
the problem goes away).

Finally, if the recipient of the call is refusing to accept it, well,
that's the recipient's choice.


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