[VoiceOps] e911 warning stickers on phones

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Fri Feb 24 12:10:47 EST 2012

I'm trying to figure out the FCC requirements for 911 service warning
stickers.  The FCC documents are rather vague.  They say a sticker is
required "if there are limitations to the provider's 911 service" but
then don't define what constitutes a limitation.  Is the fact that the
end user can move a handset a "limitation?"  Is the likelihood of a
power outage also causing a phone outage a "limitation?"

So I'm wondering what other hosted service providers are doing?

Also, if you provide SIP service to on-premises equipment, do you ship
a huge batch of stickers to the customer?  Or just include an e911
warning in the contract?

Wording of stickers?

How do you make them small and unobtrusive on a phone?  I considered
something that goes under the handset, but that's a small space.  Is
"E911 WARNING:  See this URL" going to be sufficient and compliant?

Carlos Alvarez

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