[VoiceOps] Enterprise customer desiring NAT for their SIP

joshua sahala jsahala at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 12:28:38 EST 2012


On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 6:49 AM, Alex Balashov
<abalashov at evaristesys.com> wrote:
> On 02/26/2012 11:34 PM, Frank Bulk wrote:
>> Yes, our SBC does supports the usual NAT traversal features, but
>> our customer will have more than one trunk with us...they have
>> several two PRIs today, so it will be 15 to 20 active trunks on a
>> regular basis and almost 30 at peak.

in addition to the un-nat-magik on the sbc, the asa/pix will try to
translate not just the header, but the sip messages themselves (sip
inspection/sip fixup)

unless they have a very small fw, resources should be ok (i have done
>200Mbps with a 72xx doing the nat/sip mangling @50% cpu, iirc)


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