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I don’t think sharing would work like that.  In the past when I tried pointing two different BroadSoft users at the same mailbox (IMAP account) they still only played back or “saw” the messages that came in that way.  I never dug into it but I’m guessing there is a header.  It also doesn’t just take any message with a WAV attachment, so I’m guessing it would ignore Asterisk VMs.


Or has that changed in newer versions of BW (post 14)?




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Broadworks uses IMAP & SMTP for storage of voicemail, we use SurgeMail.   Could you have Asterisk & Broadworks run off the same Surgemail server?  Best of both worlds,  you could even share voicemail accounts that way  (same IMAP folder).



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We currently have two separate SIP voicemail systems for two different platforms, and I'm looking at options to merge them.  One of them is part of an Asterisk PBX and the other is the Broadworks voice portal. 

We would like to avoid moving a large mass of users from the Asterisk platform over to Broadworks and tie up a bunch of messaging licenses, but I don't think we want to move the voicemail for the Broadworks subscribers over to the other system either (they would lose other voice portal functions). 

I'm looking for what you guys would think of to try to fill this gap, both in type of solution and software.  I'm not happy with any ideas I've brainstormed myself. 


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