[VoiceOps] Rejected port due to having other orders active on the account

Justin B Newman justin at ejtown.org
Thu Nov 1 08:42:15 EDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 7:03 PM, Carlos Alvarez <carlos at televolve.com> wrote:
> This doesn't seem like a valid/legal reason to reject a port.  Integra has
> always done this with both our own account with them and any other accounts
> we're porting from.  If there is ANY open order on the account, they will
> reject a port.  This could be simply ordering some DIDs or doing another
> port.  In the current case, as has happened in the past, it's going to end
> up costing an extra month on a PRI.  Is this valid?  Anyone have experience
> getting them to see the error of their ways?

For a "simple port," this is not a valid reason to reject a port. That
said, there aren't a lot of business ports in my experience that are
legitimately simple ports. Ultimately, this being valid or not is
somewhat irrelevant. The real question is - what can you do about it.
When I'm handling ports, I try to "set my customers up to succeed."
This, of course, if why so many folks won't port w/o having a copy of
a recent invoice. It's in no way a port requirement, but it sure does
up the odds of getting things right. Likewise, customers need to
understand when porting that there are certain things likely to slow
things down.

Interestinly, I had a port recently where a pulled 10-20 #'s from
Integra, all from the same account. One failed for open orders. The
rest succeeded. The customer of course denied having any open orders.
A month or so later it succeeded; we never knew why.


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