[VoiceOps] Need help with an 800 number that's been stolen from under us

Darren Schreiber d at d-man.org
Sun Nov 11 21:30:46 EST 2012

Hi folks,
We have an interesting situation going on here.

We had an 888 number through a company named iCall (who, in turn, was using Global Crossing for actual routing of the calls). That 888 number suddenly started going to a disconnect recording stating that the number was an out-of-service number at "CallSource." Sure enough, the RespOrg for this number had changed to CallSource.

We believe we are the rightful owners of this number as we purchased it through iCall's carrier division and have owned the number for over a year. However, when we contacted the CallSource firm the guy on the line, Todd Geller, who says he is the CEO and owner of the company, claimed to have sourced 10,000 toll-free numbers from 8MS (CSF Corporation) and this was one of them. He claimed he was happy to "give it back" but needed to confirm it was really ours. He then demanded something in writing on company letterhead showing proof of ownership, stating that two people had requested the number back (us and iCall). We're not sure what to provide him, all we have is screenshots of our billing system through iCall and business cards from the company who uses the number showing they, infact, use it.

Anyway, I feel like I am being a bit scammed because at one point during the conversation with Todd he stated he would be happy to sell me the number back for just 9.9 cents/minute… [sigh]

So we are unsure how to legally win back this number and what to do about it. We can show our account in good standing on the iCall website with this number still in our inventory. iCall is a registered CLEC out of Texas and has a RespOrg of their own which is still valid. The number was held and routed via Global Crossing, though.

We also know, from Todd's account, that he has no active customers utilizing the number at this time and, again, he said he just wants this situation resolved and over with and doesn't want to deal with it anymore.

If you have any insight or know anyone who can assist with this mess, please let me know. I've never heard of this issue before and am a bit baffled that an upstanding citizen wouldn't just realize this was a clerical or administrative error of some sort and release the number back to their rightful owner, but I think this guy is playing games, though I can't tell, as he appears nice enough on the phone.

Specifically, if you have a contact at CSF Corporation who is higher up, I'd be appreciative.

I have also heard of NASC'ing the number back. If you're familiar with this process, please feel free to email me off-list.

Darren Schreiber

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