[VoiceOps] DDOS attacks against ITSPs

Ryan Delgrosso ryandelgrosso at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 20:23:18 EDT 2012

I am relatively certain most of you have heard about the issue 
CallCentric had experienced recently where they came under a significant 
DDOS attack. My question to the community at large is, who here has been 
down this road and been attacked; and what was the signature of that 
attack. I am sure your are not alone and we could probably all do fairly 
well to compare notes on the topic.

This year alone we have seen at least 7 different flavors of DDOS 
attacks aimed at our resources some impactful some not, and I would be 
extremely interested in comparing notes with anyone else (especially 
callcentric engineers) who are interested in hoping to share information 
and perhaps prevent the next major incident.

Feel free to respond on or off list as you see fit.


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