[VoiceOps] DDOS attacks against ITSPs

J. Oquendo joquendo at e-fensive.net
Mon Oct 15 09:01:25 EDT 2012

On Mon, 15 Oct 2012, PE wrote:

> This is an important topic. And whether you know it or not, your network
> has, at some time I'm sure, been under fire, whether a DDoS, Registration
> flood, or other. A true DDoS is obviously the hardest to deal with, though
> the others can also cause harm. In my experience, a Registration flood is
> the most common, and the signatures are generally:
> 1. Scan of your IP's
> 2. Attempt to register to any that reply to SIP
> 3. Registrations are usally to 4-digit extensions. I guess the attacker is
> hoping to hit a PBX, not necesarily an ITSP
> 4. User-agent is usually "friendly-scanner"  (i.. SipVicious)
> 5. Many come from international locations
> Acme has some good documentation on the topic as well as best common
> practices for configuration. Their ACLs are supposed to offload the
> processing from the CPU (where the heavy lifting of SIP B2BUA is done) to
> the interface. Of course, no interface can truly stop a flood that fills
> the pipe.
> So, what to do?
> First, check your configs and do the most you can there. Next, if you have
> the tools, keep an eye on registrations and overall bandwidth in and out of
> your network and to specific interfaces. When you see an odd spike, dig
> into it and block the sender, where appropriate. Geographic diversity may
> help, but IP diversity might be equally effective, though some gear does
> not support this.
> I'm curious if anyone has set up a honey-pot to find the bad guys before
> they find you and if so, what has the success been. Would the list be
> willing to share their blacklists?

Google VoIP Abuse Project. (It's Moday and I'm too lazy to
type/dig it out)

As for honeypots, I have created one primarily for Asterisk
but it can be modified for most systems with a little expect
scripting. I also built an alerting VoIP based notifier for

1) Can be blocked using common sense firewalling (block all
allow in trusted)
2) Can be mitigated with strong(sensible) usernames and
3) See #2 ... Also we don't do username/password auth on the
SBC level
4) no brainer. Can also be filtered/SIEM'd/etc
5) Many MORE come from cloud providers right in North

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