[VoiceOps] 311 on Level 3

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
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With Level 3, you may want to check if rather you are using ELS vs LI makes
any difference.  Otherwise re-mapping to local TNs on your system is a
common solution.

Each local 311 (or other [2-8]11) service should post their direct dial
number on their website, but here is what looks to be a good reference for


Also, they have a link to a Harvard site with similar data:


I think the main problem with having an "official" central repository of
this data is that if/how any of these codes are used in a given state is
governed by the local Regulatory commissions, usually at the state or city

Hope that helps,


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We have gone about mapping this ourselves since we could not get support for
it, so we simply figured out what tollfree or local number each municipality
wanted 311 to go to, and then we did the translations in our switch.

Would be nice if there was some central publication for this data.

On 10/22/2012 09:17 AM, Eric Wieling wrote:
> Our account rep is saying that Level 3 does not support 311 calling.
311 is "Non-Emergency Police and Other Governmental Services".  NYC uses it.
Does anyone out there use 311 on Level 3 TNs?  I just want to confirm our
sales rep is correct.
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