[VoiceOps] PRI Gateway Supporting 1 - 3 PRI's

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I agree with the Adtran TA900 series.  We use them solely for our PRIs and for any large number of analog lines at customer sites (TA900s not TA900es).
They are easy to trunk and separate out the management on a private VLAN and they work well with TACACS (not as well with RADIUS).
There is a lot of documentation (sometimes too much when you get up to things like the TA5000s).  They also have an entire web suite to manage  a lot of the equipment, we are just starting to play with this and haven't done anything in it with the TA900s.
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+1 with the Adtran 900 series and there support is top notch and well documented on the net.

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The Adtran 908e is good for that. What kind of transport network are you using? There's some AudioCodes gear that works well, is pretty cost-effective, but they're mostly Ethernet
 WAN so you may have to bring in additional CPE depending on what your transport network looks like.

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Hey VoiceOps,

I was looking for some recommendations for a SIP-PRI Gateway that supports at least 1 PRI connecting back to the clients PBX. I've seen Adtrans are popular, but we don't have any experience with them yet.


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