[VoiceOps] PRI Gateway Supporting 1 - 3 PRI's

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Mon Dec 9 23:12:05 EST 2013

On 12/9/13 4:52 PM, Max Clark wrote:
> I'm assuming that the Adtran TA900 has a high precision clock. Do they
> come in 4x PRI configurations?

It has an internal oscillator for T1 clock, but not of BITS type
accuracy.  You'll get slips if you have a BITS-timed T1 connected with
the Adtran set to internal clock.  Of course you can set it to
synchronize from line.

We've never had any problems driving a stand-alone PBX from its internal

I haven't evaluated the precision of its time-of-day clock.  It supports
NTP so this hasn't been an issue.

Maximum number of PRIs supported is two on the -e models, even though
they have four T1 interfaces, only two of them support TDM voice.  The
other two (or all four if you want) can be used for data as PPP, HDLC,
or frame-relay.

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