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A lot of them have an aggregated transport facility (e.g. a DS3) from 
the ILEC that they pay as a fairly large fixed cost, so T1s to customer 
locations are "tail circuits" (distinct T1s on one end, and 
cross-connected and muxed onto your T3 on the other) with a lower 
incremental cost.  Actual cost depends on mileage factors and any 
interoffice mileage, but can be as low as $100-$150.

If a lot of your competitors are CLECs, the answer is more obvious.

On 12/10/2013 11:01 PM, David Wessell wrote:

> This may fall under the stupid question category.. But where do you find
> reasonably priced transport for your PRI’s?
> We’re a hosted Voip vendor so we typically have just ran over whatever
> ISP’s bandwidth we could find.
> However more and more we’re asked to supply a PRI or SIP trunk to a
> customers location. I see other large providers in our area providing
> this service, and I assume that they must be getting a wholesale price
> from the ILEC (In our case ATT) on the transport.. But I’ve never made
> any headway with them.
> How are these other companies providing PRI + bandwidth for $300-$450
> per month? Is there a way to secure cheaper transport?
> Thanks
> David
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