[VoiceOps] Optimizing VoIP orig routing to exploit Verizon VoIP TDM interconnections

Hiers, David David.Hiers at adp.com
Wed Dec 11 14:21:58 EST 2013

I've tried to noodle up a plan for that kind of thing in the past... However, I can't convince myself that I know enough about the current/future carrier topology to raise the confidence level up to where it seems actionable.

My biggest latency problems (by hundreds of milliseconds) have been algorithmic (transcoding, huge buffers, etc), not distance.  

Does anyone have a switch on either coast?  It'd be interesting to see if someone in NYI or OneWil has issues that seem weighted one way or the other.



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I'm trying to plan a US nationwide georedundant SIP interconnect with Verizon for origination and termination. I want to minimize delay between parties, and heuristically I'll pretend people tend to talk more to other people who are local.

So it seems smart to get my "western" origination traffic to my Western SBC primarily, and my "eastern" traffic to my Eastern SBC.

Does anyone have a good method for deciding which side of the country it makes sense to send traffic to?

For example, when I port a Minneapolis number to Verizon, is it any better to have Verizon send it west, or east?

Or does it make no difference at all?

My current method is simply to use the Mississippi River. But I'll bet if I had full visibility into Verizon's network and their TDM local access tandem interconnects, the answer might be different.

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