[VoiceOps] Outbound fax portal options

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
Tue Dec 17 10:41:16 EST 2013

Take a look at XMedius from Sagemcom:


I've used them before and was happy with the product and their support.


On 12/05/2013 03:52 PM, Nelson Hicks wrote:
> Similar to the conference server question I posted yesterday, I'm also 
> looking at alternatives to our fax portal server. We have a web portal 
> that we wrote a couple years ago that our customers can use to send 
> faxes. The web portal converts and transfers images to an Asterisk 
> server (version 1.6.2 I think) and then generates call files to make 
> Asterisk send the faxes over T.38. We do not use this service to 
> receive faxes; we just use Broadworks Fax Messaging service for that.
> We haven't been happy with the function of the portal or the success 
> rate of the outgoing faxes, so I'm looking to replace it with 
> something better integrated and more reliable. So far, I'm looking at 
> faxback carrier edition (I assume we'll have to front it with our web 
> portal to send emails to it or use an API). Does anyone use something 
> else for this that they've been happy with?
> Thanks again for the answers yesterday.

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