[VoiceOps] OT: What do you recommend for help desk software

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Thu Feb 7 13:43:43 EST 2013

This may be considered slightly off topic here, not sure.  I figured some
of you would have insight and recommendations as many people here have a
business similar to ours.  We have several small companies who share
workers, clients, and contractors in various ways.  We have been using
Zendesk for our help desk, but it's tough because they won't allow one
person to be in multiple organizations.  So we have a contractor who is
John-A in company A and John-B for company B, etc.  Annoying.  We are
looking for other options, hosted preferred, but we can fire it up in a VM
if we need to.  We are small and would have about six help desk agent
types, and only a few hundred end users.  We don't need highly advanced
features like RT would provide; simplicity and customer acceptance is the
highest priority.  Must accept tickets/replies by e-mail.  Most of our
tickets are handled in a day, and are fairly simple, while maybe 5% linger
for weeks as they are complex, but those still don't need a bunch of
details in them.

Carlos Alvarez
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