[VoiceOps] looking for referral for a friend

Eric Fort eric.fort at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 18:42:55 EST 2013

I know some here offer hosted PBX services and or work with those who do so
I'm seeking references n referals for an associate who posted the following
to another list I'm part of:

Anyone using a hosted pbx voip provider in the USA?

Any good prices?

I have

30 voip phones

I need:
a system that is compatible with aastra phones
includes a iphone/android voip app
includes computer based softphone
at least 4 incoming/outgoing lines

and has all the usual pbx features

Anyone here have a good referal or care to pick up some business?  If so
drop me a note and I'll see what can be done to match up interested parties

Eric Fort
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