[VoiceOps] CALEA for the small fry operator

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What format was the live call data in?  Is it just the SIP signalling in real-time?  Are they just concerned about DTMF?  Is there any reason why they would not accept having the DTMF put back in-band and including it in the audio fork?

If they just want the SIP signalling mirrored across the VPN connection but also want to keep the DTMF out-of-band, could I take the RTP DTMF and convert it to SIP INFO and send it to them that way?

-- Nathan 

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Every calea request that we have had to deal with we have had a setup like the one described below where we would basically fork the call to an external # for the audio as well as we setup a vpn connection with the requesting agency to send them the live call data.  Eg. Touch tones pressed ect.

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Well in our case we were provided with a destination that signaling was to be sent to at Quantico, and a phone number that would be dialed to collect the audio (forked in the network). This is of course the fancy way. I'm sure any call recording solution that can associate signaling and media in a neat package would probably suffice, presuming its local and not federal. Again IANAL so you might want to consult with one before taking anything I say as gospel. 


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		I would respectfully disagree. We are most certainly not a CLEC, but we have received warrants for wire taps, and have complied. Fortunately we do use a commercial softswitch that can provide this.

	When you say "provide this" can you tell us exactly how?  It seems like a simple ability to listen in to calls may or may not be compliant.

	Carlos Alvarez

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