[VoiceOps] Customer with offshore office - best practice?

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Tue Jan 29 15:06:58 EST 2013

We are a US-based hosted VoIP provider, Broadsoft-based.  We have a
number of clients who are US-based but have one or more satellite
offices outside of the country.

These customers are looking for an integrated solution where the remote
office(s) can be integrated into the hosted system with full features
while maintaining local in-country functionality.

We know we can use something like Voxbone in a number of cases to bring
inbound calls local to the host country into the system.  This allows
local inbound calling but when our customer tries to call their neighbor
it routes through the US, by default with a US dial plan and associated

We can also install a local IP-PBX with local lines and set up the
phones with two line appearances.  This allows local calls in both
directions but features, voice mail, transfers, etc become messy.

We have toyed with the idea of a reverse-ATA type of arrangement to
bring two-way local calling back to the hosted system.  In-country
emergency calling (9-1-1 or local equivalent number) and local
regulatory issues are of concern.

Two phones on the desk is also messy and obviously won't allow transfer
or conference, short of activating speakerphone on both.  This actually
works better than one might expect, believe it or not!

All of the solutions so far seem to have elements of an ugly hack.  Does
anyone on the list have a more elegant solution?  Is it something we
need to figure out country-by-country?

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