[VoiceOps] VoIP traffic survey

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This is an example of the hardware that allows this, not an example of where
it's used, but the technology exists and is certainly in use for all sorts
of interesting solutions:


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> My apologies, I'm not following you here -- can you give me an example 
> of a TDM traffic (i.e. T-1 or DS-3) flowing over the Internet?

Didn't say it had to be TDM.

I am a VoIP end-user.  I pick up my desk phone to make a call, and my PBX
routes it.  It might go:

* To a local PSTN gateway, and out over traditional TDM (or analog) lines,
* To a commercial gateway provider, or
* Direct to the other end's PBX as a 'native' VoIP call

In either case, it might get there over

* Private, dedicated IP networking, or
* The Internet.

The 6 sextants are "who operates the gateway" multiplied by "who owns the
wires I use to get there".

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